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Early Adopter Program Application

Ordinance Regulating Single-use Plastic and Expanded Polystyrene

Early Adopter Program Overview

The ordinance regulating single-use plastic and expanded polystyrene will require impacted businesses to make changes to their supplies. As such, the  Early Adopter Program intends to help qualifying small food facilities transition their foodware by offering a  one-month supply of compliant single-use articles, including containers, cutlery, and straws. The program has limited supplies.

The ordinance prohibits food facilities from providing single-use articles for food service unless they are compostable or recyclable. A  single-use article is any disposable foodware item used to serve, consume, transport, or contain food and beverages, including, but not limited to, containers, cups, lids, cutlery, straws, pizza boxes, and food trays.

For more details about the ordinance, visit

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Program Requirements

Businesses must meet the following criteria to qualify:
  1. The business is a brick-and-mortar food facility in the City.
  2. The business has fewer than 26 employees.
  3. The business has fewer than 20 tables for in-dining service.
  4. The business currently uses plastic or expanded polystyrene single-use articles for food service.
  5. The business can demonstrate financial hardship incurred from complying with the ordinance.
  6. The business is in good standing with the City, meaning it has paid business license fees and does not have any local or state environmental violations.
  7. The business commits to signing up for the Green Business Program

Does your business meet the program requirements? *


Applicant Information

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Email *

What is your position within, or relationship to, the business? *

If applicable, list the names and email addresses of any other parties or decision-makers who should be cc'd in correspondence about this application.


Business Information

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Location of Business

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Beverly Hills, California, Zip Code *


Short Answer and Documentation

What plastic or expanded polystyrene  single-use articles does your business  currently use for food service? *

Has your business  previously tried to purchase compostable or recyclable products to replace non-compliant items? Briefly describe your experience with finding compliant alternatives. *

Please explain how complying with this ordinance would cause your business to experience  financial hardship. You can attach additional documentation to support your case. *

Explain how your business would  benefit from the Early Adopter Program. *

Please upload the following files:

A copy of your employee payroll to demonstrate that your business has  26 employees or fewer:


2-3 photos of your food facility to demonstrate that your business has  20 tables or fewer:


A screenshot of your registration for the  Green Business Program (sign up here:



If you have any additional questions, please contact or  (310) 285-2467

Please review your entries before submitting

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