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Requirements for Property & Business Management

SB 1383 for Property and Business Management are required to:

  • Subscribe to and participate in the City’s organics collection service or self-haul to an SB 1383 compliant organic waste facility.
  • Provide a separate organic collection service for employees, customers, tenants, and contractors.
  • Supply and allow access to an adequate number, size, and location of mixed waste and organic waste containers on-premise with the correct labels or container colors. Label templates for indoor signage are available on the City’s Resource page.
  • Organics Waste carts must be located in an accessible area for employees, customers, tenants, and contractors. There must be a sufficient number of carts to collect all organics generated.
  • All designated waste areas on the premise where there are trash (mixed waste) containers must have an organic waste container next to it, adequately labeled with what’s acceptable and unacceptable in containers.
  • Organics bins must be located next to all trash (mixed waste) bins in offices and common areas, except in restrooms.
  • Color requirements: Bins must be color-coded (mixed waste (trash and recyclables) = black/ gray or blue and organics = green). Either the lid and/or the body of the container must be color-compliant. Existing bins do not need to be replaced until 2036, but all new bins purchased after January 1, 2022, must be color-compliant.
  • Bins must be clearly labeled with what can and cannot go inside the container. Label templates for indoor signage are available on the City’s resource page.
  • Annually educate tenants, employees, and contractors on properly sorting organics and mixed waste into the correct bins. See Resource link for material to meet the tenant education requirement for the 2022 lease year.
  • Provide information to new employees, tenants, and contractors about their requirements to sort waste properly within 14 days of the occupation of the premises.
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