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Residential (Single-Family & Multi-Family) Organic Waste Program

Beginning January 1, 2022, Beverly Hills residents will be required to separate and recycle more organic waste. Currently, single-family residents already have green waste container service for yard trimming material; however, under SB 1383, this service will be expanded to include additional food waste items, including food-soiled paper and organic material in the residential green waste program. In addition, Beverly Hills multi-family properties will be required to separate and recycle their organic waste. Multi-family properties can comply with SB1383 by subscribing to the City’s organic waste collection service or self-haul to an SB1383 compliant facility.

Additionally, residents will notice new labels on their mixed waste cart (black/gray or blue), and green organics cart. These labels will show common acceptable and unacceptable materials for each waste stream to encourage proper sorting of materials, thereby reducing recycling contamination. To assist residents with separating organic material (food scraps) from the mixed waste, the City will be providing a small 2-gallon food scrap pail for each single-family residential property. For more information on how to obtain a free food scrap pail, click here.

Multi-family properties will be contacted by a City representative or the City’s hauler, Athens Service representative, to arrange services. Multi-family properties, five units or more, and that generate two cubic yards of solid waste or more a week, will be required to set up a separate organic waste collection service through one of the following: City services, City’s waste hauler, or self-haul to an SB 1383 compliant facility.

Once organic waste collection service is set up, green organic waste container(s) will be placed on the multi-family properties for a separate organic waste collection service. Containers will need to be placed in an accessible area for the collection crew to access on collection day.

Organic Waste Container Sizes:

65 Gallon Cart (plastic) or 96 Gallon Cart (plastic)

The City of Beverly Hills is working to develop an SB 1383 program(s) that will meet the numerous requirements of the law. Residents will be notified throughout the coming months as details become available. Please continue to check this page for updates.

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