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What goes in my bins?

 Below is information on what is acceptable and prohibited in your containers.

Green Organic Waste Container

Items accepted in your Green Container. Organic material: Grass clippings, flower & hedge trimmings, leaves & branches, lumber, scrap wood, & plywood types (not painted or treated) and weeds. Food Scraps: (Any decayable matter produced from human or animal food production, preparation, & consumption activities. No produce stickers.) Bread, rice, & pasta, cheese & dairy, coffee filters, flowers & herbs, fruits & vegetables, meat, bones, poultry, seafood. Food-Soiled Paper (All items must be 100% plant-fiber based with NO petroleum, wax, or bio-plastic coating, liner, or laminate. Must be soiled ONLY with food and/or drink liquids. *No bathroom tissue, toilet paper, or feminine products.) 100% fiber based, compostable to-go containers & serving-ware, egg cartons (paper), food-stained paper, paper napkins & *kitchen paper towels, pizza boxes. Non-Acceptable Organics (Please place in the Black/Gray or Blue Mixed Waste Container.), Rags, clothing, or other cloth/textiles ("plant-fiber" means paper, not textiles.) Bio-solids or bathroom waste, including tissues or bathroom paper towels, disposable diapers, lint, pet waste, hard shells (e.g., clams, mussels, & oysters), Cacti, succulents, and palm fronds.

*The city does not accept paper towels and/or napkins used to clean surfaces due to the use of nonfood related chemicals and potential toxins.

 Organics Label


Black/Gray or Blue Mixed Waste Container

Items accepted in your Black/Gray or Blue container. Recyclables: Aluminum cans; glass jars and bottles; steel, bi-metal, and tin cans; PET plastic; HDPE plastic; plastics types 1 – 7, juice boxes and milk cartons, junk mail, magazines, paperback books, cereal boxes, envelopes, paper shopping bags, paper, newspaper, corrugated cardboard; telephone books. All common household trash can be disposed of in the Black/Gray or Blue container. No Food Waste, Organic Waste, E-Waste, Paint, Medical Waste or Chemicals are allowed in the Black/Gray or Blue container.

Click here for a comprehensive list of materials.

Mixed Waste Label

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