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City staff, Public Works Commissioners and a rate consultant have worked to complete a cost-of-service study on the City’s residential and commercial solid waste rates. The study demonstrated the need to adjust rates to ensure that sufficient revenues are generated to support the program. The City Council will consider the proposed rate adjustments in October 2020. The Proposed Rate Adjustments will help address:

  • Increasing costs for solid waste operations, including Athens rate increase, material processing, organics food waste and yard waste collection, and increases to landfill dumping fees;
  • Shrinking markets for recyclable commodities; and
  • Costs associated with implementing new State mandated programs.

The need to adjust rates is based on a number of factors. The City's solid waste service charges have remained the same since 2011. During this time expenses have increased as revenues have remained flat. The solid waste program relies solely on revenues to fund operations and deliver high quality service to the community. Examples of additional expenses include, State mandated programs like organics processing, routine escalations in the price of landfill disposal and increased costs for recycling and organics processing. The City has also absorbed increases in the rate to collect and dispose of waste from the franchise hauler, Athens. The City is taking the following measures to reduce the impact of the rate adjustments on customers: 1) Rate adjustments are not due to take effect until January 2022. 2) The City will use some funds available from reserves to offset some of the revenue requirements and keep rates as low as possible. 3) The City is suspending transfer of $500,000 from the Solid Waste Fund to the street repaving capital improvement project.

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