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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • What happens if wastewater rates are not changed?
  • What can I do to offset an increase in my bill?
  • Why do we need to adjust wastewater rates now?
  • What do water and wastewater rate adjustments pay for?
  • When was the last time wastewater rates were updated?
  • How often are water and/or wastewater rates reviewed?
Want to find out more about the proposed water and wastewater rate adjustments? The answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found below.Read More...

If the wastewater rates are not changed then the residential rates will remain a flat fixed rate and the commercial customers will continue to pay for 100% of their potable usage with only two measures of strength low and high, which will not account for mixed use.



To offset a potential bill increase, you can try to use water wisely by fixing leaks, turning off the tap when not needed, and using water-efficient appliances. The customer is being charged based upon usage so using less is the best way to minimize increases. 


The wastewater rate adjustment is all about evaluating how reasonable the rate structure is based upon customers’ use of wastewater services. The adjustment is changing residential customers to a volumetric rate similar to commercial customers. In addition, adding a medium strength quantity charge for commercial customers who have more than one use at the property.


The proposed rate adjustments pay for:

  • Continued investment to increase water independence by developing local groundwater wells.
  • Upgrading the City’s aging infrastructure.
  • Offset inflation costs associated with operation, equipment, materials, treatment, and testing.

The last time wastewater rates were updated was Fiscal Year 2009-10.


Rates are usually reviewed and potentially adjusted every five years.

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