Memorandum of Understanding
Employee Labor Negotiation Process

Important Announcement

In accordance with state law, the City of Beverly Hills participates in labor negotiations (also known as collective bargaining) with its employee associations. The result of the negotiations processes are written agreements or contracts reached between the City and the City employee associations. These agreements are commonly referred to as Memoranda of Understanding (MOU's). The current MOU's can be accessed at the individual links below. 

There are nine represented employee associations within the City. The City is currently in multi-year agreements with the Police Officers’ Association, the Firefighters’ Association and the six miscellaneous (non-safety) employee associations.

The City concluded labor negotiations with the Police Management Association (Police Captains and Police Lieutenants) in early May of 2017. Per the City’s Labor Negotiations Ordinance, the newly negotiated contract is to be posted two weeks in advance of the meeting in which the City Council will consider adoption (Tuesday, June 13, 2017). The proposed MOU (Final and "Tracked Changes" versions) and Independent Fiscal Analysis are available below (as of Tuesday, May 30, 2017).

Proposed MOU for Final Consideration and Adoption on June 13, 2017:

BHPMA MOU (Oct 7, 2016 - Sep 30, 2019) Tracked Changes - posted 05-30-17

BHPMA MOU (Oct 7, 2016 - Sep 30, 2019) Clean Copy - posted 05-30-17

Independent Fiscal Analyses:

Independent Fiscal Analysis (PMA)

Summary of Significant Terms:

Summary of Significant Terms - BHPMA

Materials from Community Meeting: