Memorandum of Understanding
Employee Labor Negotiation Process

In accordance with state law, the City of Beverly Hills participates in labor negotiations (also known as collective bargaining) with its employee associations, or bargaining units. The result of the negotiations processes are written agreements or contracts reached between the City and the City employee associations. These agreements are commonly referred to as Memoranda of Understanding (MOU's). There are nine represented employee associations within the City, who are all in the midst of multi-year MOU’s, which can be accessed at the links below. Additionally, the terms and benefits of employment for executive and senior management employees in the City are governed by an executive compensation plan.

The City’s Labor Negotiations Ordinance, requires that the City have an outside labor negotiator, conduct an independent fiscal analysis of the costing for proposed MOU's, and post negotiated MOU's two weeks in advance of the meeting in which the City Council will consider adoption. Additionally, the Ordinance requires a fiscal impact analysis of the final proposed MOU by an independent consultant. Although this procedure is not technically required for the adoption of the Executive Compensation Plan, the City is posting proposed amendments to the plan in an effort to increase transparency for any proposed changes in the terms of employment and/or salary adjustments for City employees. The proposed Executive Compensation Plan (Final and "Tracked Changed" versions) are available below (as of Tuesday, February 20, 2018). As there is no fiscal impact associated with the proposed changes, a fiscal analysis was not conducted.

Proposed Executive Compensation Plan for Final Consideration and Adoption on April 10, 2018:

Executive Compensation Plan Tracked Changes - posted 02/20/18 - updated 03-14-18

Executive Compensation Clean Copy - posted 02/20/18 - updated 03-14-18