Real Estate Management

The City owns an extensive portfolio of properties leased to commercial tenants for investment purposes and public benefit. Many properties are located in the Business Triangle, including the Gardens Building at Beverly Cañon Gardens, and the vicinity of the 3rd Street and Foothill Road intersection. The wide range of spaces includes several restaurants, multiple office buildings, ground-floor retail locations, several telecommunications sites, ground leases, a small newsstand, a small concession shop, and more. 

The Office of the City Manager leads all negotiations for lease and acquisition of real property and coordinates property management and lease administration activities between the Public Works Department and the Finance Department.

  • For general real estate inquiries involving City-owned property, contact Logan Phillippo at (310) 285-1014
  • For current tenants of City-owned property, contact Tenant Relations at (310) 285-2414 or BHTenantRequests@beverlyhills.orgRenters of residential units not owned by the City that are subject to the Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization Ordinance should click here or call (310) 285-1031. 


Current Vacancies




235 North Canon Drive


11,254 square feet of first-floor and second-floor restaurant space located in the prestigious Beverly Canon Gardens

Carter Magnin

Cushman & Wakefield

(310) 595-2203

439 North Canon Drive, Suite 207


Approximately 3,900 square feet of second-floor office space centrally located in the heart of the downtown Golden Triangle

Scott Menkus

Cushman & Wakefield

(310) 595-2211

239 South Beverly Drive


Approximately 3,000 square feet of ground-floor restaurant space and 3,000 square feet of second-floor creative office space

Bruce Dembo

Dembo Realty

(310) 278-4747

336 Foothill Road

61,595 square feet of office space with ample parking and close to several major entertainment companies

Logan Phillippo

City of Beverly Hills

(310) 285-1014

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