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Impacts of SB 827 on the Beverly Hills Built Environment

On January 3, 2018, State Senator Scott Wiener introduced SB 827.

Subject to some limitations, Senate Bill 827 would override local control on housing development that is within ½ mile of a major transit stop or ¼ mile from a high-quality transit corridor as defined by the legislation.

In brief, SB 827 would exempt development in a transit-rich housing zone from local ordinances that:

  • limit maximum residential density,
  • establish maximum floor area ratio,
  • require a minimum number of automobile parking spaces,
  • contain design standards that restrict the applicant’s ability to construct the maximum number of units consistent with any applicable building code, and
  • have maximum height limits that are lower than 45 to 85 feet, depending on the transit access and urban design characteristics of the street.

The most current version of the bill can be found by clicking here. Below are some graphics that reflect the potential impact of this legislation on housing development in Beverly Hills.

The City of Beverly Hills has taken a position of strongly opposing State Senate Bill 827 (Wiener), Planning and Zoning: Transit-Rich Housing Bonus. Click here to read the full resolution. Click here to read the City's letter of opposition.

If you would like to provide your comments to the City on this legislation please email


State Legislative Contacts


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SB827 Zoning 1
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SB827 Zoning 2
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