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Landlord Rent Adjustment Application

The Beverly Hills Municipal Code (4-5-304; 4-5-512; 4-6-11) allows landlords to file a rent adjustment application for some or all rental units within the landlord’s rental complex in order to achieve a "just and reasonable return," based on net operating income principles. Click on the link below to download the form and instructions.

Landlord Rent Adjustment Application Instructions (RSO-020)

FORM: Landlord Rent Adjustment Application (RSO-021)


Means and Method Plan for Tenant Protection During Construction

Pursuant to Section 9-1-108(L) of the Municipal Code, when applying for a permit to alter, repair, or rehabilitate any structure that contains one or more dwelling units, the applicant shall indicate on a form furnished by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (“RSO”) whether the property is occupied by tenants.

If the property is tenant-occupied and, as determined by the RSO, the construction work could impact the habitability of any unit on the property, prior to obtaining a permit, the applicant shall submit a construction means and method plan to the RSO which contains the information required by this Section.

FORM: Means and Method Plan for Tenant Protection During Construction

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