Dog Barking

The City of Beverly Hills takes animal-related complaints seriously and expects dog guardians to take them seriously also. Dog guardians are responsible for ensuring that the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood are not jeopardized due to negligent pet caretaking.

Canine Communication
Barking is an important and innate form of canine communication however some barking can be pathological and destructive. Dog barking occurs naturally under certain circumstances, some of which are to alert or warn, when playing or excited, to communicate with other dogs, attempting to get attention (especially puppies), boredom, loneliness, anxiety, or when startled by an unfamiliar or sudden sound or movement. This normal dog barking behavior becomes pathologically excessive when the barking continues for long periods of time or when the barking continues long after a threat or fright has been experienced. Barking is considered abnormal in situations of separation anxiety, as a result of an obsessive-compulsive disorder in which a dog barks excessively or inappropriatly (at a falling leaf, for example), or in cases of dogs that become unnecessarily excited when people or other animals approach.

Extensive information related to dog barking may be found at The Humane Society of America website at this link:

Promending Your Pooch in Public

Simple and effective advice for avoiding the pitfalls of the urban dog: ASPCA Urban Dog Etiquette.
Animal-Related Regulations

  1. Excessive dog noise is prohibited Code Section 5-1-210; it is the responsibility of the dog guardian to ensure that their dogs do not disturb the neighborhood.  
  2. Keeping of any dangerous animal - Code Section 5-2-302, Subsection 53.33
  3. Guardians liable for any damage or harm caused by their pet - Code Section 5-2-111
  4. Maximum of three dogs - Code Section 5-2-106
  5. Dogs must be kept on a maximum six-foot long leash at all times when being walked - Code Section 5-2-202
  6. Dog guardians are prohibited from not picking up after their pet defecates Code Section 5-2-105
Code Compliance
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