Zoning Map: The Zoning Map shows how the City is divided up into separate and distinct "Zoning Districts", "Zoning Overlays" and "Specific Plans".  What can be built, and how properties can be used under these three types of land use control is defined in the City's Municipal Code.  Specific information on what sort of buildings can be constructed includes how tall buildings can be, how close a building can be to property lines, how many buildings can be constructed on each property, what amount of parking must be provided on the property for specific uses, and all other aspects of construction and use of property in the City.


Height Districts Map: The City's Height District Map sets height limits for new buildings in the multi-family sections of the City. 


Multi-Family Residential Unit Density Map: The City's Multi-Family Residential Unit Density Map locates each multi-family property into one of the three residential unit density categories.  Specific formulas are given in the City's Municipal Code for calculating the maximum number of apartments or condominums that can be built on each multi-family property based on the categories presented in this map.



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