Land Use & Zoning

Land Use

The Land Use Element of the City's General Plan provides policy direction on use of land and property in the City.  Uses and building densities provided in the Land Use Element are further refined by the City's Zoning Code. 


Specific development standards and regulations are provided in the City's Zoning Code.  The City's Zoning Code (also known at the "Zoning Ordinance") implements the general plan by providing the specific uses allowed and specific development and design requirements for each property in the City.  The Community Development Division administers the City’s Zoning Code which can be found in the City's Municipal Code Book, Title 10, Chapter 3. 

Contact the department, or visit the City's Permit Center with questions on specific uses and requirements 


Click here to view the list of maps. 

For more information please call (310) 285-1141.

Updated February 5, 2019

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