Art Show Brochure and Application



Dear Artist,

The application for the Spring artSHOW is up and running!  All fine artists are welcome to apply to the show, which will take place on May 16th & 17th of 2015.  The early deadline to apply is February 14th, 2015, and the late deadline is February 21st - we invite you meet the first deadline and save the $20 late fee!

If you are an artist who is new to this event, please read the information below before logging on to the link below, which takes you to the application website.  Thanks!


PART A - gather all the photos for your application in a convenient spot

What we require from any artist applicant are the following 4 items:

1). 8 photos of your artwork in a specific category  The 11 categories are: painting | watercolor | traditional printmaking and/or drawing | photography | new media, aka digitally-generated art | 2-D mixed media | 3-D mixed media | sculpture | ceramics | glass | jewelry

2). 1 photo or drawing of your display at the show (click here to see samples)

3). a $35.00 application fee

4). and if accepted, a $350.00 acceptance fee.

(We suggest that first you select the 8 artwork photos and the one (1) photo/drawing of your display, then gather those photos together in one convenient, easy-to-find place within your computer.  Make sure they are all high-resolution photos.)


PART B - read over these 3 steps

We partner with Juried Art Services to bring you a simple application.  Right BEFORE you log on to, please READ the 3 steps below if you are not yet a user of that site, and follow the 3 steps in this order when you are on the website. 

1. The 1st step should be to Register Now (command on right side of page) and CREATE A PROFILE.  This is just your professional contact information.

2. Then CREATE A PORTFOLIO, which is where you will upload 8 photos of your current artwork and 1 photo/drawing of your display.  Name your portfolio something simple like: BHartSHOW-Spring2015.

    Now you'll upload the photos of your art and booth display - uploading photos DOES take time.  Just below are the rules for sizing your photos - this is also explained on Juried Art Services.

  • All 8 images of your artwork should be high-resolution images (300 dpi).
  • The longest side of each image should be between 1900-4000 pixels long, but can be as small as 1400 at the longest side.
  • Also, all names for your images should only be alphanumeric (no symbols please in the names of the images - just letters or numbers)

3. You can now APPLY by going to the apply section which will lists our show along with other shows - you will have access to apply to any number of other events along with ours.  The Beverly Hills Art Show application is quick and easy to complete but, it really helps to follow these 3 main steps, in order!

When ready to start the process, click onto this site -


If you have more questions about applying, you may also call us at 310.285.6836, email

Thank you very much for your interest in The Beverly Hills artSHOW and good luck!