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Exploring Beverly Hills artSHOW Construction! artwork
Construction! artwork

Zale Richard Rubins and Donald Archer have both produced series focusing on the building, the sometimes frantic building, of our Southern California landscape. 

Donald’s work is replete with cranes, bulldozers, and the destruction inherent in most construction projects. 

Zale documents the rapidly changing world of downtown Los Angeles.

               Donald Archer, Movers and Shakers,                       DonaldArcher_HeavyLift_MixedMediaOnCanvas  
                Donald Archer,  "Movers & Shakers", mixed media on canvas, 20" x 24"                                                               "Heavy Lift", mixed media on canvas, 24" x 20"    donaldarcher.com
              ZaleRubins_CraneInDowntownLA                       ZaleRubinsDowntownLAWarehousesAndCranes

                Zale Richard Rubins, "Crane In Downtown LA", photograph                                                                                 "Downtown Los Angeles Warehouses and Cranes", photograph      zalephotoart.com                                                                     



Teale Hatheway created a mixed-media series depicting the legendary Sixth Street Bridge, demolished earlier this summer, surrounded by brisk development in downtown LA.


                TealeHathewayGhostoftheSixthStreetBridge_mixedmedia24x18                          TealeHathewayLASkyline_mixedmedia18x24      

              Teale Hathaway, "Ghost of the Sixth Street Bridge", mixed media, 24" x 18"                                                  "LA Skyline", mixed media, 18" x 24"         tealehatheway.com  



Jesse Aldana and Jean-christophe Dick idealize the built landscape of cities:

Jesse’s parking lots are heavenly, and urban LA is serene, while Jean-christophe’s aerial photographs are gorgeous metropolitan visions.


                  JesseAldana_BeverlyHilton                           JeanchristopheDick_LA

                  Jesse Aldana, "The Beverly Hilton, oil on canvas, 30" x 40"  www.jessealdana.com                          Jean-christophe Dick, "LA", photograph          visualnitro.com



Steven Larson’s work is as arresting as Jean Christophe's, but the vision is often darker as built environments are swept up in apocalyptic maelstroms.


                   StevenLarsonWashoilonpanel21x19                                  StevenLarsonInnerCityoiloncanvas_19x12

              Steven Larson, "Wash", oil on panel, 21" x 19"                                                                "Inner City", oil on canvas, 12" x 9"   instagram.com/stevenlarsonpaintings/?hl=en                                         



Bert Hewener-Esenherz exhibited his recent body of work on the imaginary city 'Bancbreati Citta' at this past art show.

The outlandish sounding name per Bert, was chosen to give the viewer an idea of a very old city with a rich history.  This series is made of a number of satellite view paintings that each explore different social, cultural and historical aspects. Although fictitious, “my imaginary city gives me the opportunity  to draw from my experiences with metropolises’ infrastructure, developments and gentrification”.


                  Bert Hewener-Esenherz, BC-3, acrylic on canvas, 40x50                           Bert Hewener-Esenherz, BC-7, acrylic on canvas, 30x40

               Bert Hewener-Esenherz, "BC-3", acrylic on canvas, 40" x 50"                                                               "BC-5" acrylic on canvas, 55" x 75"   www.eastcoastalien.com                                                                              



Fortune Sitole portrays the construction process on another side of the world, South African towns created with whatever materials were cheap or free.

He uses found objects to make his art, as the villagers do to make their homes.


               FortuneSitoleUntitledMixedMedia (1)                           FortuneSitoleUntitledMixedMedia                    

                 Fortune Sitole, "Untitled", mixed media, 36" x 24"                                                                                   "Untitled", mixed media, 48" x 48"      fortunesgallery.com



David Tanych’s fun, massive sculptures are of the tools of a trade he knows well from his previous life in construction.

He makes giant metal and wood screws, bolts, hammers and other beautifully crafted building implements, inviting us to compare craft and construction to sculpture and fine art.


                DavidTanychOpened_steelwithrustpatina_80x96x252_2016                           DavidTanychNails_metal

                  David Tanych, "Opened", steel with rust patiina, 80" x 96"x 252"                                                                                    "Nails", metal      davidtanych.com