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Living Utilities Wastewater - Sewer
Wastewater - Sewer


The Wastewater Disposal Services program includes Wastewater Maintenance, Wastewater Blockage, Wastewater Conservation, and Wastewater Treatment. The Wastewater Maintenance program is responsible for maintenance of the wastewater conveyance system (sanitary sewer system), which includes but is not limited to inspection, cleaning and repair.  The program utilizes the best management practices, and the latest technology to maintain in optimal condition the wastewater systems for the benefit of the residents, businesses and the City. 

The Wastewater Blockage program responds to calls from residents or businesses to address possible City mainline sewer stoppages that may cause back-ups on customer property.  Response times are as quick as possible.  Contact Public Works Customer Service at (310) 285-2467 to report issues.

The Wastewater Conservation program produces community outreach and education brochures recommending the proper disposal of liquid waste associated with hazardous household waste, grease, and other liquids or solids that deteriorate the sanitary sewer and treatment processes.  The program presents Earth Day and Sustainability Summit. 

The Wastewater Treatment Program manages and monitors the City’s contractual obligations to the City and County of Los Angeles.  The City of Beverly Hills contracts with the City of Los Angeles to treat wastewater at Hyperion Treatment Plant and maintains a contract with the County of Los Angeles to administer the industrial waste pre-treatment program, in which the City of Los Angeles is the responsible party.