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FAQ - Do I have to make an appointment to view a facility?

Yes, it is encouraged in order to review the rules and regulations with staff onsite. Please call the appropriate office that issues reservations for the facility that you wish to view. To see a list of offices and their phone numbers please click
FAQ - How much does it cost to park at a City parking structure?

Parking rates vary per location. Download the Parking Facility Information Sheet on the following webpage for more details: http://www.beverlyhills.org/citygovernment/parkingservices/cityparkingstructures/
Post Office Closure

Vice President, Facilities Pacific Facilities Service Office 1300 Evans Avenue, Sute 200 San Francisco, CA 94188-0200
FAQ - How do I reserve an indoor facility?

To reserve a facility you must complete an application form. The application forms can be found online at the Beverly Hills website: Facility Rental . You may also pick up the application form at the location where you wish to rent a space. All
FAQ - Is the deposit refundable? When will I get my deposit back?

Yes, the deposit will be refunded if the room is left in good condition. Deposits will be refunded and payable to the applicant in approximately 3-4 weeks or refunded directly to the payee or applicant's credit card if the facility is left
FAQ - What should I do if I notice feral cats or stray dogs in my neighborhood?

The City has contracted with the City of Los Angeles Animal Services Department (ASD) for animal care and control services, which has facilities to take in and care for strays and unwanted animals. Please call (888) 452-7381 to report strays
Roxbury Clubhouse

Roxbury Clubhouse Park building where preschool program is offered. Tennis reservations made from this facility by calling (310) 550-4979 401 S. Roxbury Drive (310) 285-6840
Water Treatment Plant

The City's beautiful water treatment plant and Public Works facility opened Wednesday, June 25, 2003. The facility is located on Foothill Road between Alden Drive and Third Street. History: In 1928 the City recognized
Detectives, Evidence and Training

with identification tags, sealed in plastic bags, and deposited in one-way cabinets until it is retrieved and stored in a locked facility by the property technician. The Identification Bureau provides technical services to aid in crime scene investigations,
Programs and Events

see our policy for instructions on submitting program proposals. If you are interested in renting a room for your meeting or event, please see the City of Beverly Hills’ Facilities Rental page.
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