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Greystone Project Addendum #2

Plans and Specifications for the GREYSTONE JOINT SEALANT AND VALVE COATINGS REHABILITATION within the City of Beverly Hills, by signing and faxing a copy of this page upon receipt of this notification to our office at (310) 278-1838 or by emailing
Greystone Rehabilitation Report

Greystone Project RFI's and Answers

PUBLIC WORKS DEPTARTMENT Engineering Division 345 Foothill Road (310) 285-2452 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 FAX: (310) 278-1838 October 20, 2015 Greystone Joint Sealant and Valve Coatings Rehabilitation RFI’S AND ANSWERS Below are the submitted
Greystone Rehab Appendices A-D

INC. (REV. BY COBH) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS GREYSTONE RESERVOIR CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS, CA (revised by COBH) CCSSII SSeerrvviicceess,, IInncc.. PP..OO.. BBooxx 880011335577 SSaannttaa CCllaarriittaa,, CCAA 9911338800 887777..227744..22442222
Greystone Park and Mansion - Virtual Tours

Greystone Park and Mansion - Virtual Tours Greystone Park and Mansion - Virtual Tours
Greystone Mansion & Gardens: The Doheny Estate

click here. For more on the history of Greystone, click here. For information on the Greystone Demonstration Garden, click here. Like Greystone on Facebook!
FAQ - Is the Greystone Mansion wheelchair accessible?

Yes, only the first floor is wheelchair accessible from the west entrance. Also, it is recommended to wear flat shoes.
Inside Beverly Hills- Greystone Park

Issues and Answers: Featuring a roundtable discussion to encourage continued interest and dialogue on matters vital to our community. Hosted by host Rudy Cole with Cindy Brynan, Brad Meyerowitz and Susan Rosen. Recorded on July 12, 2012. Cast: Bev
Greystone Mansion (Explore Beverly Hills)

Cast: Beverly Hills Television
Greystone Closed for remainder of day 5/9/2014

Greystone Closed for remainder of day 5/9/2014 Due to an accident on Loma Vista Drive, Greystone Mansion is closed for the remainder of today May 9, 2014.
http://www.beverlyhills.org/event.jsp?eventid=0&title=Greystone Closed for remainder of day 5/9/2014
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