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Proposed FY2013/14 - Introduction

as for accounting. Governmental fund financial statements are budgeted and reported using a modified accrual basis of accounting. Revenues are recognized as soon as they are both measurable and available. Revenues are considered to be available when

with the State of California, Department of Industrial Relations to bid on public works contracts. A Public Works Contractor Registration No. shall be submitted with the bid. 2-07 PERMITS 2-07.1 - Prior to the commencement of work, the Contractor shall obtain
Technical Specifications

copies of test or inspection reports to the Architect, to governmental agencies requiring submission of such reports, and to such other persons as directed by the Architect. PART 2 - PRODUCTS 2.01 PAYMENT FOR TESTING A. The Owner

Drawings and other data submitted to the Architect for review. 6. Processing of Bulletins, field decisions, and Change Orders. 7. Rules and regulations governing performance of the Work; and 8. Procedures for safety and first aid, security, quality
C1056 Appendix D (Amd 3) - Tech Specs for Water

to in these standard specifications shall be as last revised. In case of conflict, the Department's specifications shall govern. 3. Materials: Component parts of the valve shall be made of the following materials: a. Bronze:
Specifications (2 of 2)

5 PART 3 EXECUTION 3.01 EXAMINATION A. Do not begin application of coatings until substrates have been properly prepared. B. Verify that surfaces are ready to receive work as instructed by the product manufacturer.C. Examine surfaces sched
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/9569--specs 2.pdf
9900 Wilshire Boulevard Final EIR

????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????? Prepared by: Prepared for: I M P A C T S C I E N C E S , I N C . ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????? The City of Beverly Hills Community Develo
Exponent Report on Metro's Safety and Seismic Findings

geomorphic and sedimentary environments. As a result, non-tectonic lateral discontinuities in the Quaternary stratigraphy should be anticipated to occur across this feature. It is not clear how the interpreted subsurface stratigraphy may reflect or have
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/10153--Report - Assessment of Westside Subway Extension_Final.pdf
Bid Documents

qualified Bidder’s List. 3. Bidders are advised to become familiar with all conditions, instructions and specifications governing this bid. Once the award has been made, a failure to have read all the conditions, instructions and specifications
RFP Document

a Proposal 1-1. Respondents must have been in the business of providing operations and management services for municipal jails for a period of at least five years. 1-2. Respondents must provide complete proposals, including detailed descriptions of how
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