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RFP 14-23 Professional Services for Certified Laboratory for Water Testing

laboratory’s sample matrix schedule system shall assist the City in its sampling requirements. The sample matrix schedule shall also help the qualified firm to provide City, in a timely manner, the correct number and type of sample containers, coolers,
3-21-12 AC Minutes

of the building. Addition information should be provided for the signs (i.e. connection details, sign sections, material examples, dimensions of signs, colors of materials.) > Providing a model of the building would be helpful to understand mass. > Provide
Bid Package

into the hopper as possible, to prevent spillage and to provide for even dispersal of waste into the hopper. 15) Lifter shall allow for a minimum of 19‖ of ground clearance at all times to help prevent bottom- out damage. 16) All structural components
Draft 2014-2021 Housing Element Appendix A

programs to help address the housing needs of this group:  Senior Housing Development  Rent Stabilization  Senior Case Management  Senior Home Sharing  Second Units City of Beverly Hills General Plan 2014-2021 Draft Housing Element Update A-14
Beverly Hills Landmark Historic District Evaluation Guidelines

California Register. The status code also helps to define a property’s significance at the local landmark level. (see Chapter 8 for the entire listing of California Historical Resource Status Codes). The first digit indicates one of the following
Harry Cohn Estate Historic Assessment Report

 appears to  have been converted into guest or  help quarters sometime between 1927 and 1938, contrary to a 1938  permit to demolish that garage and build the new two‐story one.                                                               5 City of Beverly
Housing Element Appendix A

ELI households (1,518) identified by SCAG Existing Needs Statement as presented in Table A-8. Seniors comprise 40-percent of ELI households in Beverly Hills. The Housing Element sets forth the following programs to help address the housing needs
2006 Economic Profile - Sharpening the Competitive Edge

areas catering to wealthy clientele have emerged. How will Beverly Hills respond to these serious challenges? This report and the economic development work plan that follow are presented to help the City focus its plans on key areas: business growth
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/78298828460604419/2006 Economic Profile - Sharpening the Competitive Edge.pdf
Historic Resources Inventory (1985-1986)

building permits for most sites. When the source-specific 30 research was obtained and indexed (see below), missing or incomplete building permit data was supplemented. Source-specific research was extremely helpful in expanding the knowledge about
EOP 2013 Part One

activities across agencies and jurisdictions. Information Management - Information management processes, procedures, and systems help ensure that information, including communications and data, flows efficiently through a commonly accepted
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