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CODE OF ETHICS “As a law enforcement officer, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation; the peaceful against violence
September 2015

- BOWERS CONSTRUCTION INC (714) 883-5172 Owner: Contractor: Description : INTERIOR REMODEL OF 1 STORY SFR Payvand Saeedian Dounel (310) 995-5267 Meridian Custom Builders (310) 500-7557 Owner: Contractor: Description : REPLACE LIVING ROOM DAMAGED
Harry Cohn Estate Historic Assessment Report

’s room and a bathroom on the first floor and  remodeling/addition of bedrooms, bathrooms, and a study on the second floor. Exterior alterations  included the one‐story addition of a  living room and loggia on the rear of the house’s north side
October 2013

N $3,293.19 $3,293.19 $0.00 Description : REINFORCE ROOF FRAMING AND ADD SHEAR WALLS RAISE CEILING HT IN LIVING ROOM - REPLACE SUDERS. CARLO & SONIA DOLLERO (310) 278-8154 BONURA C J BUILDING (323) 478-0101 Owner: Contractor: Description : Shoring
California Solar Photovoltaic Guidebook

are also designed to carry temporary construction loads, termed “roof live loads,” in addition to the self-weight of the structure. Solar arrays, if installed close to the roof surface, displace roof live loads such as workers and bundles of shingles.
Housing Element Appendix C

and B ation of Hou of R-4 Housin Resources .. nity Develop nity Assistan Trust Fund .. ative Resou Housing Fo ve Living for ywood Com ities for Ene uilding Prog ble City Plan onservation Local Utilitie componen future hous f these sit ds allocatio
City of Beverly Hills Economic Sustainability Plan 2011-2015

Strategic direction: Foundations people IdentIFy wIth the Beverly hIlls Brand as a syMBol oF the plaCe to lIve theIr dreaMs. it is widely held as self-evident, and supported by available research, that the Beverly Hills brand is a key element
Greystone rental brochure

LIVING ROOM GRAND HALL LIBRARY DINING ROOM BREAKFAST ROOM Oct 2015 PAGE 4 Oct 2015 PAGE 5 Oct 2015 PAGE 6 Mansion Interior Max. Capacity Dimensions Sq. Ftg. Ceiling Card Room 43 18 x 36 648
Greystone Venue Brochure

LIVING ROOM GRAND HALL LIBRARY DINING ROOM BREAKFAST ROOM Oct 2015 PAGE 4 Oct 2015 PAGE 5 Oct 2015 PAGE 6 Mansion Interior Max. Capacity Dimensions Sq. Ftg. Ceiling Card Room 43 18 x 36 648
Bid Package

license plates from up to four dual-lens cameras simultaneously. The system must provide live, simultaneous video display of all of the following data for the two (2) dual lens cameras as selected by the user: Title: ALPR Mobile Camera Systems
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