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11-24-14 CHC Synopsis

to the Planning Commission. (Continued from the Cultural Heritage Commission Special Meeting of November 17, 2014, and the November 17, 2014 report will be utilized for the Commission’s continued consideration.) Planner: William Crouch, Urban Designer
hardcopy of the application for funding

      What percentage of your total program service is utilized by members of the Beverly Hills community? If a new program, what percentage of users do you anticipate would be members of the Beverly Hills community?       The funding year is July 1, 2015
City of Beverly Hills Hosts Two Community Meetings on Subway Construction

related to construction work hours/days, traffic, parking, and utility service. In the near future, the Beverly Hills City Council will review a potential agreement between the City and Metro to coordinate construction activities for the Wilshire/La
CAGF Proposal for FY16/17

improve public safety)? 4. What percentage of your total program service is utilized by members of the Beverly Hills community? If a new program, what percentage of users do you anticipate would
Addendum #1

OF THE WATER UTILITY BID NO. 16-07 DATE OF ADDENDUM: MARCH 23, 2016 The following changes, omissions, and/or additions to the Specifications and/or Drawings shall apply to proposals made for and to the execution of the various parts of the work
4 Modifications to the Penalty Surcharge Multiplier & Appeals Process 02-11-16

• Postpone issuance of contracts for budgeted capital projects • Pro’s – Protects reserves • Con’s – Short term increased risk (water main failures) 7 Use Reserves • Continue with Capital projects and utilize reserves for short term
5 Update on Water Will Serve Policy Guidelines 04-18-16

 Application for Water Service completed by applicant (sample provided)  Required Information includes:  Site map  Building plans (i.e. plumbing & irrigation)  Water utility plans  Estimated water demand calculations (domestic, irrigation,
How to Apply for a Job

will be routed to an external link. Select any position that is of interest to you and review the job details. Click the green "Apply" button to apply for the position. First time applicants must create an account in order to gain access to the online

service at Ask Bev! Any animal-related request will be routed to us. Wildlife Beverly Hills and environs are home to a myriad of critters, large and small: coyotes, mountain lions, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, migrating fowl…the list goes
Health and Safety Commission Minutes - October 28, 2013

the PulsePoint CPR smart phone application. The PulsePoint application empowers members of the public to provide immediate life-saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest while professional responders are en-route to the scene. An alert notification
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