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Very High Fire Severity Zone Requirements

installed over a 36-in. wide underlayment consisting of one layer of 72 pound mineral-surfaced nonperforated cap sheet meeting ASTM D3909 running the full length of the valley. (705A.3;R327.5.3) 5. Note on Plans “Roof gutters shall be design to prevent
8701 Charleville Blvd

of a two story block enclosed by L—shaped, one story wings. A gated courtyard, accented by a tiled fountain now used as a planter, is defined by the plan. Centered behind the fountain, an entry is outlined with star— shaped perforations in the stucco
Beverly Hills In Focus - December 2011

spectacular holiday décor is planned Monday, November 21 at 7:00 pm. The sparkle theme will be carried to other areas of the City as well. Seasonal activities and events will take place on Fridays and Saturdays from 6 to 9 pm at Beverly Cañon
09-30-14 CHC Synopsis

proposed amendments to Beverly Hills Municipal Code Article 32: Historic preservation Ordinance, and to recommend adoption of these amendments to the Planning Commission and City Council, and that the revisions are exempt from the California
9-18-13 AC Minutes

Vice Chair Bernstein, Chair Blakeley. None. William Crouch, Cindy Gordon, Reina Kapadia, Karen Myron (Community Development Department, Planning Division). Motion by Commissioner Peteris, second by Vice Chair Bernstein to approve the agenda
July 17, 2014 Fine Art Commission Regular Meeting

4 9. FENCING DESIGNER FOR KUSAMA CONTRACT It was decided to hire a fencing designer to come up with a plan that both the Fine Art and Recreation & Parks Commissions could agree upon, then put the project out to bid from various vendors. We hired
April 5, 2012

Recreation & Parks Commissioners Block & Friedman  City Staff Present –   Director of Community  Services Steve Zoet, Assistant Director of Community  Services Nancy Hunt‐Coffey,  Recreation  Services Manager Teri Angel, Parks & Urban Forest Manger Ken Pfalzgraf, City Manager Jeff Kolin
RFP Questions- Set 1

4. What is the clearance (height) of the City's sub-garage? The interior height of impound lot located at 336 N. Foothill is six foot nine inches. 5. May we inspect the City's sub-garage? We plan to conduct an open house of both
Addendum No.1

of valves to 5 valves to irrigate the Lawn Bowling area. 7. Question: Are there any details on the QwikDrain System? Answer: There are no details for the Quikdrain system, the plans and specifications clearly identify how the system works
9-09-13 Minutes

Staff Present: September 9, 2013 / 1:43 PM Commissioners Hubschman, Pepp, Strauss, Vice Chair Wyka, Chair Nathan. None. William Crouch, Cindy Gordon, Karen Myron (Community Development Department, Planning Division) COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE
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