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Regional Projects List October 2013

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Frequently Asked Questions

establishes zones to regulate land use for compatibility with surrounding uses. Development standards are included for density, height, yards and open space, parking requirements, landscaping and irrigation, etc. You always need to get the Planning division's
Variance Request

to scale and indicate the scale and north direction arrow. o Plot the entire parcel and dimension all pertinent data such as driveways, landscaping, parking and distance to all property lines. Indicate location, size, and species of existing trees
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/3038--Variance Request.pdf
November 21, 2013 Regular Meeting

from 2:45pm to 3:45 pm, Liaison for the Fine Art Commission and Recreation and Park Commission met with Councilmember Gold and staff to discuss the jurisdiction of the two Commissions with regard to protecting art in City Parks, and the long term
Painting at the Pond

Diego's "North Park Festival of Arts". A designe by Stieber was selected to adorn ONE condom wrappers, and she was featured as the San Diego showcased artist for EFFEN Vodka's "The Art of Design" exhibition. Most recently, she was commissioned
2-06-14 Minutes

the applicant for Item #10 — 308 South Almont Drive, to obtain an In- Lieu Parking permit for a project of their own, Palm Restaurant at 267 North Canon Drive. Commissioner Strauss advised that she would recuse from Item #10 if the remaining Commissioners felt
3-21-12 AC Minutes

Commissioners Gardner-Apatow, Blakeley, Bernstein, Meyer, Rubins, Vice Chair Rennett, and Chair Cohen. NOES: None. CARRIED. 12. 9336-9346 Civic Center Drive (PL 120 3738) Request for approval of parking directional signs for UTA/PLAYBOY at 9336-9346 Civic
9-21-11 Synopsis

identification sign, a parking directional sign and a sign accommodation for building identification signs (PL 112 3026) Cohen-Rennett/7-0 Approved with Conditions (Returned to Order) 12. AUDI DEALERSHIP 8833 Wilshire Boulevard Request
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/9674--09-21-2011 SY - FINAL.pdf
7-17-14 PC Synopsis

The Commission took a recess at 5:19 pm The Commission reconvened at 5:37 pm STUDY SESSION, CONTINUED 6. Amendments to the Central Area Single-Family development standards to address concerns related to building scale and mass and parking requirements
7-17-14 PC Special Minutes

6. Amendments to the Central Area Single-Family development standards to address concerns related to building scale and mass and parking requirements Discuss Planning Commission Task Force recommendations and provide direction to staff on proceeding
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