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Open Air Dining

The City of Beverly Hills encourages active commercial streets, including allowing restaurant owners to establish open air dining on the public sidewalk or within their own property.  

If you are interested in establishing open air dining associated with a restaurant, please take a look at the guidelines in the planning review application. These guidelines cover the basics of open air dining including where it may be located, the use of umbrellas and heaters, requirements for sidewalk clearance, and information about railings.

In most situations, all fixtures and furniture used in an open air dining area must be removed from the public right of way and stored out of public view during nonbusiness hours. Open air dining areas with more than 12 chairs may be required to provide a permanent barrier separating the dining area from the remaining portion of the public sidewalk.

An encroachment permit that is issued by the Planning Division, as well as adequate insurance coverage, is required for the establishment of an open air dining area on the public sidewalk.

When you are ready to apply for Building Permits, you can visit our permit page for details.

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