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Protected Trees

These native tree species are protected in the City of Beverly Hills. If you have questions about whether a tree on your property may be protected, contact the Community Development Department at (310) 285-1141.

Protected Trees

Acer macrophyllum

Big Leaf Maple

Alnus rhombifolia

California Alder

Fraxinus dipetala

Foothill Ash

Fraxinus velutina

Arizona Ash

Juglans californica

Southern California Black Walnut

Juniperus californica

California Juniper

Platanus racemosa

California Sycamore

Populus fremontii

Fremont Cottonwood

Populus trichocarpa

Black Cottonwood

Quercus agrifolia

Coast Live Oak

Quercus douglasii

Blue Oak

Quercus engelmannii

Mesa Oak

Quercus lobata

Valley Oak

Salix laevigata

Red Willow

Sambucus mexicana

Mexican Elderberry

Umbellularia californica

California Bay

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