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Election Civility Statement for the Community
In 2010 the Human Relations Commission introduced an Election Civility Statement to City Council, and with their support, formally integrated the initiative into municipal elections. The Civility Statement is featured on page 12 of all ballots used in municipal elections and since 2010 all candidates and their campaign managers sign in support of the statement.

City of Beverly Hills Election Civility Statement

The Human Relations Commission of the City of Beverly Hills strives to promote positive human relations in all aspects of community life.

We believe that the examination of diverse candidates and challenging issues can be conducted with great civility.

While our schools may provide civics education in the classroom, we citizens are obligated to provide our young people with a real life model of positive civic behavior that we teach by example.

We hope that every member of this community will join us as we take a stand in support of an environment where respect and responsible actions prevail in all elections and in every aspect of our community life.

Read the formal staff report to City Council for more information.

See below to learn more about the Human Relations Commission's Embrace Civility Initiatives
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