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Beverly Hills Day of Wellness
In parntership with the Community Services Department,
Human Relations Commission, Health and Safety Commission and Recreation and Parks Commission.

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Health and Wellness Participants
oPENING ceremony

Class Schedule 17

Opening Ceremony
10:00 AM - 10:20 AM
Connecting Community Through Mindful Movement

Autumn Scoggan

Autumn Scoggan of Clearly You and Chris Pan of Voice Movement will spend fifteen minutes guiding community members through mindful movement to help begin the day with inner peace and a positive mindset.


10:20-10:50 AM

Classes 1020

Krav Maga Alliance teaches efficient movements to help individuals become more powerful and explosive with simple self-defense strategies.

Music Mends Minds creates music support for individuals with Alzheimer's dementia, Parkinson's, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and other neurological disorders.  All are welcome to play music.

Less Sweets, More Sweat - Hypnosis to Achieve Health Goals with Jenn Levin of Modern Hypnotherapy.  Dive into your subconscious mind to help you achieve your health goals!  Learn more about how hypnotherapy works and then experience it for yourself! 

Teen Advisory Committee will host a drop-in teen wellness station where community members can express their creativity by handcrafting a Dream Catcher or meditate on the future while creating a Vision Board.

Tai Chi with Shelley H. Miller from Cancer Support Community Los Angeles  Tai Chi is considered a form of martial arts that developed in China and other parts of Asia. The class will provide an introduction to several forms as well as the chakras and meridians. Combining breath and movement activates and balances the meridians and helps the body heal itself. 

Let's Address Stress:  Tips for Building Resiliency from the Inside Out with Alison Keiper.  In this session, we'll discuss the physiology of stress and what's happening in the body through the lens of the nervous system. You will learn how to support your own personal stress response with somatic tools and nutrition tips that you can implement on a daily basis.

Yoga with Norman Gee with American Sports Fitness Association will lead a class that will help you relax the body and mind with coordinated breathing and move through techniques to strengthen core muscles, arms, legs and lower/upper back.  

11:20-11:50 AM

photo grid session 2

Workout Los Angeles (WOLA) This HIIT full body fitness class is tailored to suit your individual fitness level.  It combines heart-racing cardio with muscle-toning resistance to provide a challenging and varied workout experience

Organization for Social Media Safety CEO Mark Berkman will provide an overview to attendees of the dangers associated with adolescent social media use, specifically focusing on the potential mental health impacts.  Attendees with be introduced to the Organization for Social Media Safety's Buckling the Social Media System, a comprehensive, evidenced-based system to support parents in protecting their children from social media-related risks. 

Use of Somatic Methods in Boundary Maintenance by Amy Schmidt. This workshop will help you draw healthy boundaries and emotional lines.  Come learn how to body scan and maintain your emotional equilibrium with tried and true somatic techniques.

Teen Advisory Committee will host a drop in teen wellness station where community members can express their creativity by handcrafting a Dream Catcher or meditate on the future while creating a Vision Board.

Chair Yoga for Kids with Britt Turpack will focus on stretching the body and realigning the mind.

Collective Communication Body Language and the Nonverbal Network workshop with Autumn Scoggan of The Clearly You   will explore the impact of how we interact with body language and nonverbal communication in our professional relationships and communities.

PilatesBody by Jen with Jennifer Hunt will lead Pilates exercises that help build a strong core and with regular practice help transition into new positions and exercises that work on all areas of your body and lead to a healthy lifestyle

12:20-12:50 PM

photo grid class session 3

The Healing Power of Sound Vibration & Breath on Mental Health by Dr. Levry. This 30-minute session is designed to activate new neural connections, elevating well-being and brain synchronicity. Experience enhanced concentration, immunity, learning, and creativity. Sharpen your memory with NAAM (Neuro Activating Advanced Meditation), Rootlight Healing Music, and The Sukshmah Method

Coach Mike Bayer - How to Be Your Best Self.   Coach Mike Bayer, Founder and CEO of CAST Centers mental health treatment center in Los Angeles and NY Times best-selling author will provide a session empowering attendees to align with their best self to live an authentic and fulfilling life. 

Teen Mental Health with Dr. Suzanne Wallach.  Dr. Wallach will discuss the challenges today's teens are facing with mental health, particularly post-pandemic.  The topics of this discussion will be teen emotion dysregulation, and ways to address this, and how and when to seek therapy for your teen.  Dr. Wallach will also discuss the epidemic of self harm and suicidality among teens, and the best ways to treat this, specifically with Dialectical Behavior Therapy.   

Teen Advisory Committee will host a drop in teen wellness station where community members can express their creativity by handcrafting a Dream Catcher or meditate on the future while creating a Vision Board.

Movement, Breath & Energy Work for Health with Deborah Lowe, PT, MS, MA, MTOM, Ph.D., L.Ac.   An Integrated Approach to Health with The Sukshmah Method and Harmonyum Healing System.

Yoga Nidra wtih Michelle Frerichs.   Lose your mind and reconnect to your soul with this 30 minute Yoga Nidra experience. Yoga Nidra is known as The Art of Non-doing and meditation made easy.  All that is required is for you to be comfortable and listen to Michelle's guidance.. 

The Baby Body with Laura Lichterman - Workout for Moms.  Safe for prenatal, postpartum and all phases of motherhood, this class combines The Baby Body's signature Strength and Mat Flow styles. With an emphasis on the core and pelvic floor, you will work each muscle group while maintaining a mind body connection.   This class is for all moms during any phase of motherhood, from prenatal, postpartum and beyond.


1:20-1:50 PM

people grid session 4

Chair Yoga with Perdita Chan-Rouse cultivates awareness through breathwork and improved mental clarity with gentle stretching that helps release tension and relieve chronic pain. 

Caregiver Stress with Dr. Linda Ercoli.  People caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia are at high risk for stress and burnout. Dr. Ercoli will talk about caregiver stress, and methods to reduce the risk of burnout.

Sound Bath & Crystals & Moving Meditation with Shannon Mcinteer soundbath is a meditative experience that intentionally uses sound and vibration from overtone-emitting instruments, such as Crystal Singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, Gongs and Chimes, to nurture and restore the mind and body.  Soundbaths can help reduce anxiety, stress, and tension while promoting a deep state of relaxation. 

Teen Advisory Committee will host a drop in teen wellness station where community members can express their creativity by handcrafting a Dream Catcher or meditate on the future while creating a Vision Board.

Nutrition and Mental Health:  How Foods and Supplements Effect Mood with Annie Mabashov: An overview of the way that foods and supplements can strengthen our brain development, improve our mood and lead to longevity.

Singalong for Wellness with Chris Pan.  Join this fun and easy sing-along to relieve stress and create joy.  No experience needed and all levels welcome!

Hypnosis Sound Bath to Lower Anxiety and Boost Confidence with Jenn Levin & Amy Schmidt  Immerse yourself in a transformative experience at our Hypnotherapy and Sound Bath Workshop. Discover the soothing synergy of hypnosis and sound as we guide you through powerful techniques to alleviate anxiety and cultivate unshakable confidence. 

2:20-2:50 PM

people grid session 5

Family Reconnection Exercises to Make Family Relationships Stronger by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas will teach individuals the tools to help improve intentions and mindfulness that they can use daily as a group or by themselves.

Grief, Feelings, and Creativity by Oshri Hakak with NAMI. Hakak will read from his illustrated book on loss, When Their Bodies Leave Them, and then lead a mindfulness practice where participants will be guided to use their creativity to process challenging emotions.  

Uncovering Resilience:  The Science Behind Connection and Wellbeing with Dr. Elisha Goldstein who will reveal the science behind why connection is essential to catalyze healing. He will discuss the major obstacles that prevent us from thriving, and show us how to organize social influences that help build resilience for greater health and well-being. 

Teen Advisory Committee will host a drop in teen wellness station where community members can express their creativity by handcrafting a Dream Catcher or meditate on the future while creating a Vision Board.

Building Bridges:  Conflict Resolution for the Whole Family with Maple Counseling Center  Learn effective conflict resolution strategies for all ages! You will leave equipped with valuable tools to promote peaceful and constructive communication and foster positive relationships. 

Inner Dimensions of Wellbeing with Eno. An immersive experience to re-establish a connection with the innate wisdom of the body through our Chakras, the energy centres that interlink our organs and life force. 

Yoga with Ameeta  This class will guide you through a whole body, mind and heart experience through improved posture and developing more strength, balance and flexibility.

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