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Beverly Hills Fire Department
Fire Code Permit Application


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If "Temple/Church", please specify below:
If "Other", please specify below:
Contact Person*:
Date of Event*:
Event Name*:
Type of Event*:
Description and Quantity (ex: 3 tealights/table, 20 tables total):*
Fire Department Base Permit Cost*:

If you selected 'candles' or 'drapery/hanging decorations', please upload pictures of candles or flame cert for drapery/hanging decorations:
Payment Methods:
Cash, Check or Credit Card
Payable to "City of Beverly Hills"
Check payments shall be made at City Hall cashier
Please do not mail checks to the Fire Department
All application requests shall be submitted 10 business days prior to event. California State Fire Marshal Flame Certificate will be required before a permit is issued for all new vendor supplied fabric used/installed at the event; in addition, a total number and a clear color picture of all proposed candles and their holders must be submitted for approval. (Candelabra's are not permitted at dining tables) If you have any additional information, please attach to this application. Permit payment must be made prior to issuance.*

Any arrangement brought in for evaluation must be retrieved in a timely manner. The BHFD will not assume any responsibility for such items beyond two business days.*
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