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BHPD Officer Memorial

“…This is the time and this is the place to honor their memories, not so much how their service ended, but how they served, how they lived. Bend a knee and bow a head and remember them and those left behind.  Always remember...”
-  Dave Eyman

Thin Blue Line

Date Appointed: July 16, 1947
End of Watch: June 16, 1953

Officer Thomas E. Milett

Age: 28
Years of Service: 6 years

Interred: Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, California.
Cause: Gunfire

Veteran of 10 campaigns in the South Pacific

Cause of Death: While on duty, Officer Milett was taking target practice at the police shooting range. A second officer, who was cleaning a gun, had an accidental discharge of his weapon. The bullet struck and killed Officer Milett.

Date Appointed: December 19, 1945
End of Watch: November 18, 1948

Officer Francis X. Carver

Age: 26 
Years of Service: 3 years

Interred: Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles, California.
Cause: Motorcycle Accident

Cause of Death: Officer Carver was involved in a high speed pursuit of a traffic violator. Officer Carver lost control of his motorcycle and crashed. He died of his injuries at Santa Monica Hospital.

Date Appointed: August 15, 1934
End of Watch: July 21, 1939

Officer Edmund W. Gardell

Age: 31
Years of Service: Nearly 5 years

Interred: Sunset View Cemetery, El Cerrito, California.
Cause: Automobile Accident

Cause of Death: Officer Gardell was pursuing a traffic violator on Wilshire Boulevard.  He attempted to pass a car, but struck the vehicle.  He died of his injuries at California Lutheran Hospital.


Date Appointed: September 1, 1929
End of Watch: April 14, 1933

Detective Sergeant Walter R. Grider

Age: 35  
Years of Service: 4.5 years

Interred: Forest Lawn, Glendale, California.
Cause: Gunfire

Cause Of Death: Detective Grider attempted to arrest a burglar, but the suspect ran.  The detective fired warning shots and the suspect halted.  An armed citizen came to assist Detective Grider.   The suspect again broke and ran.  A bullet, fired by the citizen, accidentally struck and killed Detective Grider.

Date Appointed: Unknown
End of Watch: April 9, 1925
Officer Jesse E. Farr

Age: 31
Years of Service: Unknown

Interred: Woodlawn Cemetery, Santa Monica, California.
Cause: Motorcycle Accident

Cause of Death: While on patrol near the old Pacific Electric crossing, Officer Farr was struck by a drunk driver.  The drunk driver fled the scene, but was later arrested.  Officer Farr died of his injuries at Pacific Hospital.

Date Appointed: December 19, 2005
End of Watch: December 23, 2013
Detective Gabriel A. Coyoca , Jr.

Years of Service: 8

Interred:  Green Hills Memorial Park,  Rancho Palos Verdes,  California.
Cause: Chemical exposure

Cause of Death: Detective Coyoca was assigned within the Investigative Division of the Narcotic Unit and died as a result from exposure to carcinogenic chemicals while enforcing narcotic laws.

Please visit the below links to learn more about the National Law Enforcement Memorial and the California State Officer Memorial.


A special thanks to Sergeant Andrew Myers and Forensic Specialist Clark Fogg for providing the information and photographs for this project.

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