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Media Release

February 26, 2022

Beverly Hills Police Seizes Vehicle Associated with February 18 Sideshow 

Beverly Hills, Calif. – On February 18, 2022, at 11:29 PM, the Beverly Hills Police Department responded to a large-scale sideshow take over at the Canon Drive / Lomitas Avenue intersection. Several arrests and vehicle impounds were made. 

BHPD Traffic Investigators have been diligently reviewing CCTV footage and other digital evidence in an attempt to identify persons and vehicles involved in the incident. Through these efforts, a license plate associated with one of the primary vehicles involved in the sideshow was identified. 

Once investigators identified the license plate of the involved vehicle, a warrant was drafted and granted to seize the vehicle. BHPD notified our law enforcement partners in the region to be on the lookout for the vehicle. 

Last night, the vehicle was located by the California Highway Patrol in south Los Angeles. The driver of the vehicle was arrested by CHP for additional violations committed during their enforcement stop. The vehicle was impounded by BHPD officers. Under strict California law, which discourages this type of driving behavior, the vehicle will be stored for up to 30 days. 

BHPD Traffic Investigators will continue to investigate this case and seek criminal charges for the crimes that occurred in Beverly Hills last weekend. 



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