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Electric Vehicle Charging

Beverly Hills is committed to ensuring EV travel is clean and convenient throughout our service area. Parking Service staff are currently working to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure and adopt supportive policies, in our joint effort to improve air quality and livability.

See our commitment to enhancing EV charging options here: Complete Streets Plan

  • Where to Find Public Charging Stations Near you

        A number of charging options are available to you, at our city rate.

charging station fees

         Plug Share map

  • Learn How to Install an EV Charger in Your Own Home here
  • A Quick Guide to EV HOV Lane Access and Toll Reductions
  • “Thanks to the Clean Air Vehicle Program, single EV drivers can gain access to the HOV lane by applying for a CAV decal here.”
  • Why Drive an EV
    • Lower emissions, Lower costs
      • “Electric Vehicles have a smaller carbon footprint than gas-powered vehicles. Over the total lifetime of an EV, GHG emissions associated with manufacturing, driving and operating the vehicle are significantly less than those of conventional gasoline vehicles. In fact, if every multi-car home in the US switched just one of their main cars to EV, it would save 160–320 million metric tons of carbon per year!”
      • “By driving an EV, you can cut down on roughly half the costs incurred by a gasoline-powered car, with reduced fuel, maintenance and utility costs. The addition of various tax benefits, rebates and financial incentives offered both by the state and federally allow EV owners to save more money compared to those who own conventional vehicles.”
    • HOV Lane Access
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  • Local, State and Federal Incentives


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