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What are the benefits to changing to a daytime street sweeping schedule?

There are many benefits to having a daytime street sweeping schedule such as the following:

  • Upgrade street sweeping signage to communicate cleaning times with the community.
  • Improve service for those disturbed by nighttime service.
  • Provide a uniform daytime street sweeping schedule.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance with state anti-pollution and public health requirements.
  • Provide efficient routes for operations, which are also more cost effective.
  • Synchronize signage with parking permit and nighttime exemption rules.
  • Sustain street sweeping best practice standards.
  • Improve street esthetic with debris free streets.
  • Reduce street flooding from clogged storm water systems.
  • Promote public health throughout the community.
  • Standardize with areas that already have daytime street sweeping signage.
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