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Special Events

The information provided below will help you through the approval process for your special event in the City of Beverly Hills.


Special events may include but are not limited to grand openings, fundraisers, store openings, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, receptions, premieres, fundraisers, festivals, carnivals, run/walks, or a party related to an awards program such as the Academy Awards.  A special event can be private or open to the public and held on private and/or public property. Planning a special event typically involves a significant amount of lead-time.

A special event permit may be required based upon the presence of the following elements:

  • Serving of food/alcohol
  • Erecting of tent/canopy
  • Special lighting
  • Generator
  • Valet parking
  • Street closure/use of public right-of-way
  • Presence of press/media/celebrities
  • Live entertainment/music
  • Presence of animals or any horse-drawn vehicles



Generally, a "special event permit" is not required for events held in hotels with banquet/meeting room facilities OR PRIVATE PARTIES ON RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES, BUT some permits may still be required (valet permits, tent or building permits, electrical permits for generators, etc. – SEE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS).



The information we need from you depends on your event but the following are some of the things we look for on special event projects:

  • A formal written request, which includes a conceptual plan, map or route.
  • Three sets of plans that include a site-plot showing the layout of the event with respect to nearby streets and buildings and structural details that includes size, height and method of attachments.
  • Proof of consensus from affected business that they support the event.
  • Certificate of insurance, which includes the City of Beverly Hills, listed as additionally insured.
  • Information on the size of electrical loads.



Although each event is different, here is a list of permits and/or approvals typically required from different departments:

  • Special event permit may involve gaining approval from the City Council and ensuring that adequate city resources are available. Depending on the complexity of the project, police, fire and public works personnel may be required to supervise the setup, tear down and the event itself. (Community Services Department)
  • Building or tent permit if the event involves setting up tents, grandstands, bleachers, stages or other temporary structures. (Building and Safety)
  • Electrical permit if the temporary structures require wiring, lighting fixtures or a generator. (Building and Safety)
  • Public right-of-way use permit if the event will require the use of the sidewalk, curb lane or street right-of-way for the event. A street closure requires approval from City Council and will incur additional fees.  (Civil Engineering) *
  • Heavy haul permit if vehicles that exceed 6000 lbs. gross vehicle weight are used to haul materials or equipment for the event (e.g., truck or crane carrying lifts, power generator, furniture or lighting equipment, etc.) (Civil Engineering) *
  • Valet permit may be required for a single event in a residential or commercial area of the City; the valet company you hire needs to be a company that is authorized to work in the City of Beverly Hills and must obtain the permit directly from the City.



The review of special events' plans ensures that an event will take place in an orderly manner with a minimum of disruption to residents and businesses. Special events often involve overcrowding, temporary structures, outsized decorations, candles, blocking of exits and streets - all potential safety hazards. Event setups are inspected to make sure they are installed according to plan. If these events were allowed to proceed with no regulation or oversight, it could be chaotic and even dangerous.

To start on this permit process, please first contact:

Community Services - Filming and Special Events at (310) 285-2408.
Hours of Operation: Mondays-Thursdays from 7:30am-5:30pm
and Fridays from 8am-5pm.  

*Please note: To obtain Public right-of-way use or Heavy Haul permits, one must apply in person at the City Hall Permit Center Office, located at 455 North Rexford Dr. Permit applicants (except Moving Van permit in which one needs to apply for it 72 hours in advance prior to actual moving date.) will be required to supply valid insurance certificates indicating general liability coverage of $1 million ($2 million for new construction) and auto liability coverage of up to $2 million. If either of these permits are issued in conjunction with a filming, still photography or special event permit, the Filming and Special Events office will coordinate with the appropriate permit office; separate applications will be unnecessary.