Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS)


Weather is recognized as the most critical element in fire behavior.  Loss of property, many injuries and fatalities are directly related to a weather factor.  The City of Beverly Hills recognizes the importance of weather and climate, and the available technology allows the effective and accurate collection of weather information.  

The RAWS system is located at a strategic site in Beverly Hills to detect general and local weather and climate conditions.  The RAWS system provides important weather data for the fire departments of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County.  Reports of severe weather conditions can be addressed by the pre-deployment of appropriate personnel, resources and equipment. 

The RAWS station is solar powered and automatically detects weather conditions such as air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, direction, fuel moisture and temperature, barometric pressure and precipitation.  RAWS transmits the information via GOES satellite every hour.  The information transmitted can be displayed on maps, charts and graphs to show the weather picture throughout the city.  Historical data can be accessed to show weather patterns for specified areas and times.

The Beverly Hills RAWS data can be retrieved at the following site:

Weather Station Link



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