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Eviction Protections and Relocation Fees


Landlords may not evict tenants without a notice in compliance with State Law and must be for just cause as specifically stated by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance:

A dwelling unit vacated for reasons A, B, C, D, F, and G may be subsequently rented at any amount mutually agreed upon by the landlord and the new tenant.

Major Remodeling

Please click here for Major Remodel Application Packet.  

Relocation Fees

Housing providers must pay relocation fees to a tenant evicted for reasons E (Chapter 6 only), H, I (Chapter 6 only), J, K, or L above. Households that include a senior, disabled person, or a minor child shall be entitled to an additional relocation fee in the amount of two thousand dollars ($2,000). The amount of the relocation fee payable to a tenant entitled to such fee pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall be determined as follows (effective July 1, 2022):

Unit Type

Relocation Fee

If a tenant is a Senior Citizen (62+ yrs), Disabled, or a Minor

Bachelor or Single

$  7,547.98

$ 9,547.98

One Bedroom

$  11,149.50

$ 13,149.50

Two or More Bedrooms

$ 15,105.69

$ 17,105.69


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