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Policy Projects

On this page you may check out a list of policy projects currently underway, review a list of completed projects, and find information on other pending land use considerations and policy changes.


The City Council will consider extending Urgency Ordinance No. 21-O-2833 at its March 2, 2021 formal meeting. This ordinance prohibits lot line adjustments that would create or expand a lot that crosses the City boundary and results in split-jurisdiction lots.  The staff report for this item may be found here


Mixed Use Overlay Zone Project

 The City is approved a mixed use overlay zone to allow housing units as an allowed use in some commercial areas of the City.  More information is available here.  Staff will provide an update on the Mixed Use Overlay Zone to City Council approximately six months and one year after the adoption of the ordinance.  


2021 Housing Element Update 

To view the Housing Element Update FAQ, please click here. For important information on this project, please visit WWW.BEVERLYHILLS.ORG/HOUSINGELEMENTUPDATE.


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