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How do I register my business in Beverly Hills?


All businesses located in the City of Beverly Hills or conducting business within the city limits, whether or not the business is physically located in Beverly Hills, must apply for a Business Tax Registration Certificate before or within 30 days after the start of business operations in Beverly Hills. For more information see the municipal code.   

City of Beverly Hills Business Tax Division 
310-285-2424grey dot line


 Will your business be a Corporation? Is your business registered in another state?


All Corporations doing business in California are subject to the Corporation Franchise Tax.

State Franchise Tax Board, 300 S Spring St. #5704, Los Angeles, CA 90013
800-852-5711grey dot line


Do you need Federal Internal Revenue Service forms or other tax information?


Internal Revenue Service - Main page
IRS Tax information for Businesses 

grey dot line


Are you planning to conduct business that involves the sale of tangible personal property, either retail or wholesale? 


As a seller, you must remit sales tax to the state.

State Board of Equalization 

in person:
5901 Green Valley Circle, Ste. 200
Culver City, CA 90230

by mail:
PO Box 3652 
Culver City, CA 

by phone:
310-342-1000grey dot line


Will you need to protect your trade name or “doing business as” name?


Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/ County Clerk 
12400 Imperial Hwy. 
Norwalk, CA 90650 
562-462-2177grey dot line


Will you have one or more employees?


Employers are required to register to receive a State Employer Identification Number and a Federal Employer ID Number. 

California State Employment Development Department 

US Internal Revenue Service to Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online.
800-829-1040 grey dot line


Employers are also responsible for Workers Compensation.


Contact your insurance company

California Division of Workers' Compensation 

Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce & Civic Association for a list of local insurance companies.  
310-248-1000 grey dot line


Will your business operate out of your home?


For information on which businesses are permitted to operate from your home and regulations that specifically apply to home-based businesses.

Planning and Community Development Department - Planning information
455 N Rexford Drive, Ground Floor
310-285-1123grey dot line


Will you need to know if the property you plan to occupy is zoned for your type of business and has adequate parking, as well as whether the city may have imposed conditions on the operation of businesses at your proposed location?

   For zoning information:

Building and Safety Department - Land Use and Zoning Information 
455 N Rexford Drive, Ground Floor
310-285-1141grey dot line


Will you need to know if the property you intend to own, rent or lease will pass building and fire code requirements?


You are strongly encouraged to contact the Building and Safety Department to review building records.

Building and Safety Department - Fire Prevention Plan Review
455 N Rexford Dr., Ground Floor
310-285-1141grey dot line


Is your business adjacent to a residential use or separated from a residential use only by an alley?

  A no-fee Transitional License is required.

Planning and Community Development Department - Transitional Use license form
445 N Rexford Drive, Ground Floor
310-285-1123grey dot line


Will any building construction or tenant improvements be required for your business, or will there be a change in property use from the previous business occupant? 


  For plan review, permits and certificate of occupancy:

Building and Safety Department - Development & Construction
310-285-1141 grey dot line


Will you use signage to advertise your business?

  Beverly Hills has comprehensive signage regulations. Plans for your sign must be prepared and submitted for architectural review

Planning and Community Development Department - Commercial Sign Regulation
310-285-1123grey dot line


Will food preparation be involved?

  For regulations and approval:

Los Angeles County Health Department
310-665-8450grey dot line


 If you are opening a restaurant, are you planning to have an outdoor seating area? 

   Permits are required for sidewalk dining or open-air dining near a residential zone.

Planning and Community Development Department  - Permit Center Appointments
310-285-1123grey dot line


Will your business sell or serve liquor?

  For state licensing information: 

State Alcoholic Beverage Control
310-412-6311 grey dot line


Will your business need refuse or recycling services?

  The City of Beverly Hills Public Works Department, Solid Waste Division, provides routine and special solid waste services for all businesses and multi-family dwellings in the City.

Public Works Department - Solid Waste Services
310-285-2466grey dot line


Will your business offer valet parking for your customers?

  A valet permit may be necessary to operate a valet service for your customers. All valet operations which utilize any part of the public street, alley, property, or right-of-way are required to obtain a valet permit. Temporary valet permits are also issued within Beverly Hills for short-term events offering valet parking. Valet permits may include operational conditions.

Department of Transportation - Valet Parking Permits
310-285-2500grey dot line


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